Fennel wiki: html

There is a simple module in the fennel-lang.org codebase for generating HTML from tables.

;; A *very* basic HTML generation library.
;; Basic escaping features only; never use this on user input!

(local entity-replacements {"&" "&" ; must be first!
                            "<" "&lt;"
                            ">" "&gt;"
                            "\"" "&quot;"})

(local entity-search
       (.. "[" (table.concat (icollect [k (pairs entity-replacements)] k)) "]"))

(fn escape [s]
  (assert (= (type s) :string))
  (s:gsub entity-search entity-replacements))

(fn tag [tag-name attrs]
  (assert (= (type attrs) "table") (.. "Missing attrs table: " tag-name))
  (let [attr-str (table.concat (icollect [k v (pairs attrs)]
                                 (if (= v true) k
                                     (.. k "=\"" v"\""))) " ")]
    (.. "<" tag-name " " attr-str">")))

(fn html [document allow-no-escape?]
  (if (= (type document) :string)
      (escape document)
      (and allow-no-escape? (= (. document 1) :NO-ESCAPE))
      (. document 2)
      (let [[tag-name attrs & body] document]
        (.. (tag tag-name attrs)
            (table.concat (icollect [_ element (ipairs body)]
                            (html element allow-no-escape?)) " ")
            "</" tag-name ">"))))

Some example usage:

(local html (require :html))

(local out [:html {:lang "en"}
            [:head {}
             [:meta {:charset "UTF-8"}]
             [:link {:rel "stylesheet" :href "/fennel.css"}]
             [:link {:rel "stylesheet"
                     :href "https://code.cdn.mozilla.net/fonts/fira.css"}]
             [:title {} "the Fennel programming language survey"]]
            [:body {}
             [:h1 {} "The Fennel Survey"]
             [:hr {}]
             [:p {} "The survey is closed now; thanks for participating!"
              "You can see" [:a {:href "2021"} "the results"] "now."]]])

(print (html out))